Jason Mundok is a contemporary folk singer and songwriter from Lancaster, PA. He performs with Fire in the Glen, a traditional Irish, Scottish and Maritime band. Jason also hosts Around the Wood Stove, an interview podcast that showcases local, regional and national musicians and performing artists. ATWS also airs weekly on community radio stations in eastern Pennsylvania.

Several times per year, Jason and his family open their home for the Wood Stove House concert series, offering touring musicians an intimate acoustic venue to perform in front of an extremely appreciative Lancaster audience. For more information about Around the Wood Stove or the Wood Stove House concert series, visit the official Wood Stove House website.

Interviews by Jason include:

Dana Alexandra: infectiously pop

Brooke Annibale: being quiet

Jesse Baker: creating movement with his music

Scott Balsai: taking a hike

Barnaby Bright: finding Bliss

Beggar Folk
band born of ping-pong smack talk
getting good angles

Sarah Blacker
flexible modality
land of opportunity

Adam Blessing: a hard-working balancing act

Christopher Bohn: living the creative life

Brethren: fun with con-science

Broken Fences
mend the gap
not the begging type

Corty Byron: out the window

Fil Campbell: celebrating the women who came before

Stephanie Carlin: a deeper look at structure

Mychal Cohen & Campfire Ok: asking the world for direction

Oliver Craven: pickin' for fun

Mark DeRose & the Way Home: consistent schizophrenia

Ducky & the Vintage: the art & the music

Stacey Earle & Mark Stuart: situations where people would listen

Fire in the Glen: lighting the flame

Katy Glorioso: trying her hand

Alyson Greenfield: striking tinder

JP Harris & the Tough Choices: just country

Caleb Hawley: overcoming his inner jazz snob

Hope for Agoldensummer: sex, babies & poverty

Joy Ike: two steps forward

Indian Summer Jars
too original for Sarah Squared
"Don't watch her foot!"

Ryan Kauffman: playing what he feels

Kilmaine Saints
punky Irish madness
building an army

plugging in
bleeding hearts

Camela Widad Kraemer: staging her songs

Heather Kropf
recognizing Hestia
something shiny

Dave Lefever: almost like a dream

Via Linota: defining the "newternative" sound

Mandalele: crossing state lines

Peter Mayer: mysteries of the world

Rhyne McCormick: hard-working the region

Maggie McKaig: ancestral connections

Mike McMonagle: a hopeful turn

Darry Miller & The Veil
personal transformation
fresh soul

Buddy Mondlock: rocky road to Kerrville

The Pig Merchants: weight with levity

Emily Pinkerton: weaving the Americas

Hiram Ring
breathing deeply
crossover appeal

Ben Rothermel: personal raw emotion

Douglas September: ambient textures

Slackwater News: more rock, less ramble

Jessica Smucker: cooking it raw

Static Trees: growing prolific

Dietrich Strause: poetic perspective

Stray Birds: pushed into harmony

Toy Soldiers: telling the tale

Vinegar Creek Constituency: explosions in a junkyard

Matt Wheeler: fostering a community

Jason Wilber: time away from Prine

The Winter Sounds: gone with the wind