Mark Jasper,
Haunted Cape Cod & the Islands
(On Cape, 2002)

If you are interested in Cape Cod and enjoy curling up at night with a good ghost story or two, this book is for you. This type of book, which uses mostly contemporary first-hand accounts, is a welcome change from those that rely so heavily upon rehashed tales from the distant past. The stories are presented plainly, with a lack of embellishment that will make even the staunchest detractor wonder what may be possible. These fascinating tales will send chills down your spine!

A word to the wise for those that have already read Mark Jasper's previous book, Haunted Inns of New England: some of the Cape Cod stories are recycled here, but understandably were just too good to leave out of a book exclusively about the Cape. A few tales are known legends, but the majority are new and, I believe, never before on record.

While the locations of most private residences are not included, for obvious reasons, many of the stories are about real places of business that have allowed the author to include their name, town and telephone number. All in all, this is an easy, enjoyable read.

While reading this one, be sure to leave an extra light on to chase the shadows away!

book review by
Lee Lukaszewicz

18 September 2010

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