Georgie Jessup,
Woman in a Man's Suit
(Winkte, 2006)

Woman in a Man's Suit is the fourth album for singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Georgie Jessup. Always challenging his audiences with both his lyrics and personal choices, Jessup's first album American Holocaust -- a tribute to the plight of the Native American -- was deemed so controversial the album was banned on many radio stations even before anyone heard it.

A resident of the Baltimore area in Maryland, Jessup has been on the music scene since 1983. For Jessup, his story-style song lyrics take precedence while the music is purely secondary. At times the music is merely a background of chords and notes to guide the singer along on his journey of telling the tale. A believer that we are all related in the human condition, Jessup uses his music to challenge his audiences to look deep inside themselves and search their prejudices.

The title of Jessup's latest album is more than just an album or song title; it is a testament to Jessup who feels at home in woman's clothing. Woman in a Man's Suit is a collection of 13 original songs of rock and blues with a little country thrown in. His lyrics are thought-provoking and at time take on the feel of a religious nature, but Jessup by no means is preaching or telling anyone what or how to believe.

To some Georgie Jessup is controversial; for others he represents a culture that only now is being recognized as legitimate and real.

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review by
Sherrill Fulghum

7 June 2008

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