"Peerie" Willie Johnson,
Willie's World
(Greentrax, 2007)

Packing 24 tracks onto a single CD is a feat in itself. Consider the range of music and musicians and the timespan involved, and it is little short of a miracle product. OK, some tracks are short, but for all that sometimes the best things come in small packages.

The music on offer spans the genres from traditional to jazz and hits many of the nooks and crannies in between. This album is also something of a historical music documentation, in that it is bringing performers who have passed to that great ceilidh in the sky to a new audience and, I am sure, reacquainting some old fans.

Another startling revelation is that Willie Johnson never made a solo album, so here we have another first. From the opening track, "Nice Work If You Can Get It," to the closing "Lady Be Good," old and new fans will be well catered for.

Among my favourites are "Yesterday" -- not the one by the lads from Liverpool -- and the much more familiar "Skye Boat Song" showing the diversity of music on offer. Here you can also enjoy show tunes from the pen of Gershwin.

The lovely insert booklet written by Willie's sister adds to the general enjoyment of a lovely CD.

review by
Nicky Rossiter

26 January 2008

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