Diana Jones,
My Remembrance of You
(NewSong, 2006)

Diana Jones has been called the new Emily Dickinson, and after listening to this great collection of excellent songs, I can well believe it. This is intelligent lyric-writing allied to a mature and oh-so-sweet delivery. It is the sort of CD you will play over and over again just for her voice, but as you listen you will enjoy the beautiful writing more on each exposure.

Her influences are listed as Johnny Cash, Emmylou Harris and Dolly Parton. Given the right circumstances, the latter ladies could well record the output of this performer.

The songs are redolent of the lives of everyday people, and that is their great strength. The listener can relate to the subjects described, and because of this the lyrics will remain in your brain for weeks after hearing them.

Her love of the land and peoples of her country comes through on every line, especially on tracks like "Pony," a beautiful and sad story song. The opening line of "Up in Smoke" gives some indication of the lyrical writing: "our love turned to tinder." I defy any listener to sit still on "Fever Moon," especially when her voice combines with Jay Ungar's fiddling.

The album is worth purchasing just for the final and title track.

Every single track on this album has the potential to be a hit if it got sufficient airplay. While you wait for the world to catch up, get hold of this album and wear it out on your player, then buy one for any friend who likes good writing, great singing and exceptional instrumental backing.

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review by
Nicky Rossiter

2 June 2007

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