Billy Jones,
Prime Suspect for the Blues
(Solarise, 2003)

Billy Jones' first album, Prime Suspect for the Blues, is classy, chill-out, down and dirty new blues with a hint of jazz-funk and a taste of soul.

Billy was a child prodigy, studying under such blues greats as Little Johnny Taylor, Larry "Totsie" Davis, Calvin Levy, Rufus Thomas, Cal Valentine, Richard "Dimples" Fields and more. Now he has formed his own band to play what he calls "tha bluez," bringing a richly satisfying blend of old and a sexy twist of new to the blues.

This is a great CD for putting your feet up with a long drink at the end of the day -- the thing is, with Billy's musicianship, your tired feet will soon be tapping and you'll be moving around your chair, gliding your shoulders around and sliding your hips to the beat. The guitar work is great, the vocals are fantastic and each of the 15 tracks is a pleaser.

Billy Jones sets a whole new standard for modern blues. Buy it, you won't regret it!

- Rambles
written by Jenny Ivor
published 23 April 2005