Carolyn Justice,
Out of the Fast Lane
(independent, 2006)

Self-produced records give us a chance to hear lots of good performers that might otherwise linger in the clubs or small venues. Unfortunately, some of these excellent singers and writers forget to let the world know how to find them. Carolyn Justice is one such person. Her top-class CD of 10 self-penned (one in collaboration) songs is well worth a listen, but I cannot tell you how to find it. (Editor's note: Fortunately, you can find a copy through, linked below.)

Therefore, I will just tease you with notes on the great tracks on offer and you can take it from there.

She opens with a lovely, upbeat title track that stands up there on equal footing with any female Americana singer. "Rain in Arizona" slows the tempo with a beautiful song of lost love well written and delivered with style.

Justice's voice is very well suited to the genre of "country love songs" and is in top form on "Let's Make Some Memories." There is a great guitar backing redolent of a thousand country songs and her voice will take you back to all that was great about those old songs albeit on a new composition. That is no mean feat.

Fiddles open "Perfect Harmony" and lead us into yet another wonderful tap along song that could hit the charts with a bit of airplay.

The roots of great lyrics always lie in our lives, and Justice proves this on the beautiful tribute to her grandparents on "Grandma's Diary," my favorite on the album. It has a lovely tune, but it is the heartfelt and oh-so-real lyrics that make this a potential hit. Country and gospel combine on another great track called "The Sparrow" as she gives us a beautiful spiritual message with a quiet but powerful delivery.

Carolyn Justice is an immense talent waiting for the world to find it either as writer, performer or both.

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review by
Nicky Rossiter

12 April 2008

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