Reiki Whale Song
(New Earth, 2001)

This is not the kind of music to listen to for invigoration or excitement. Reiki Whale Song is intended as background noise for those seeking healing through the practice of Reiki. While this CD does not invigorate, it is by no means short on energy -- just a different sort of energy. For the patient few that take the necessary time, this CD will aid any seeking relaxation, tranquility and serenity.

While the majority of the album seems to be a continuously self-modifying song (think of a fractal pattern), Kamal has codified the experience into seven tracks. The strongest track is "Enchanted Worlds," which has the boldest variation of synthesized sounds. Being the lengthiest song on the album, it explores a variety of tempos and sounds. "Travellers of the Seas" has a very haunting piano tone that provides a lovely introduction to the humpbacks.

Of course, the stars of the album are the humpback whales. The whale songs are from a "Bel Canto" era of whale singing recorded in the 1960s. Kamal got these whale recordings from the Ocean Alliance, which sales of this record supports along with the Whale Conservation Institute. So, this album is not only an excellent album for relaxation, it also provides a wonderful service to aid our stars of the oceanic opera. So, if you get Reiki Whale Song by Kamal you can feel good as you buy it and continually feel good as you listen.

- Rambles
written by C. Nathan Coyle
published 6 September 2003

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