Candye Kane,
Sister Vagabond
(Delta Groove, 2011)

As her career has grown, so has Candye Kane's subtlety as a singer. A great belter, she once relied on volume and sheer power, but with Sister Vagabond, she has begun to sing more intuitively, paying more attention to the needs of the song than her own needs as a singer.

Sure, she can still generate enough power to light up Phoenix, Arizona. Her voice on the opening of "I Deserve Love" is enough to cure a fever, but then when she gets to the verse, she lightens up, adopting a more downhome and friendly version of the belting voice she used at the beginning; the belting comes back, though, in the parts of the song where it is needed. It's a beautifully understated performance that never overwhelms, instead serving the song.

The selections on the CD are all over the musical map -- from Cajun to Chicago-style blues to a soulful cover of Brenda Lee's "Sweet Nothings" -- and each song is given the instrumental and vocal arrangement it needs. Long-time Candye Kane fans will find this CD a big step forward for a woman who has consistently delivered good work, and new fans will find it a great introduction to a major talent.

music review by
Michael Scott Cain

10 March 2012

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