Peter Kater,
Red Moon
(Silver Wave, 2003)

My first reaction to Red Moon was: "Michael Bolton meets the loincloth." This is what you get when you combine a German pianist with a group of award-winning Native Americans from both North and South America -- a collection of contemporary music that will take your breath away!

This CD only contains 11 pieces, but they are long, running up to 6:37. Five are songs in native languages; the remaining six are instrumentals. What a lineup of talent!

Ara Tokatlian, founder of the Argentinean group Arco Iris, has a trill on the Moxenio flute that will send chills down your spine. His pincullo flute is equally moving.

Mary Youngblood, an Aleut X Seminole, brings the traditional Native American flute to life with trills and rips. A master of the traditional flute, she sets a standard for all native flutists to follow. In "The West," she demonstrates her skill across multiple octaves, with exceptional tone. The slowing trill at the end is superb! "Dream Catcher" takes her flute to a lullaby state, begging the soul to journey to a distant place. When you listen to this piece, let go and see where you are carried.

Paul McCandless makes the pennywhistle speak in "This Moment," "Deep Waters" and "Red Moon." Robert Mirabal, an accomplished flutist, drummer and vocalist from Taos Pueblo, delivers a powerful vocal performance in "Looking Glass." Chenoa Egawa, a Lummi X S'Klallam, sings in her Pacific Northwest Coast Lummi language in "Night Realm."

Peter Kater is the accomplished German composer, pianist and synthesizer artist who put this collection together. He is spectacular on the keyboard throughout the selections. The choice of such wide variety of styles, tones and rhythms makes this CD sure to appeal to the most diverse audience. Kater did a spectacular job in arranging it.

My favorite is "Only In Your Arms." It will make you want to cuddle up with that special someone and slow dance. McCandless on the oboe and R. Carlos Nakai on the Native American flute join Kater on the piano to reach the deepest parts of your heart with this instrumental.

You cannot sit still and half-heartedly listen to this collection. Each selection will move you in some way. If you like contemporary Native American music, or if you are a Michael Bolton fan, you need to purchase a copy of this CD today. You will love it.

- Rambles
written by Alicia Karen Elkins
published 22 February 2003

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