Vivian Khor,
(Delvian, 2003)

Vivian Khor has a prestigious grounding in classical music and as an accomplished pianist. She has melded her skill and knowledge of the music with her experience in the field of music technology to bring the listener a soothing and peaceful album of keyboard music, ideal for meditation or relaxing.

Paradise is almost an hour of lovely music, but I can't say that either Khor's credentials as a trained pianist nor the sophisticated software she uses makes this new age music outstandingly better or different from any of the others of this genre I have heard. Maybe I am a tad cynical about the use of computers in musical performance, preferring to hear and see more hands-on playing rather than appreciate (or otherwise) the variable artistry of knob-twiddling and mouse-clicking.

Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed the album. It is a form of musical massage, and very pleasant to unwind to! If new age instrumental is what you are looking for, if you need to de-stress and prefer this style to the pure classics of Bach, Mozart, et al, then this may well be your aural gateway to Paradise.

- Rambles
written by Jenny Ivor
published 3 July 2004

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