Craig King,
(Bonedog, 2007)

Craig King doesn't break through to new music on this CD, and that's fine. This is an old school mix of R&B, soul and blues, with a little funk added.

King has the right voice for these songs, strong and sincere without overdoing it, and equally good on burners and ballads. A solid horn section backs him on most of the cuts. Only Robbie Klein on sax and Dan Donohoe on trumpet are credited, so the horns may be overtracked. Regardless, the sound is full and powerful on the whole production.

Different musicians play on various cuts, including King on guitar, but they always sound tight.

The 12 songs are written by King and bassist Mike Sweeney. Some of them are a bit derivative, but that doesn't matter with King's honest delivery on songs like "How Deep Does This Go," "This Wasn't Right" and the political "What's Right."

This CD should help King break through to national recognition.

review by
Dave Howell

23 February 2008

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