Kat Klockow,
Haunted Hoosier Halls: Indiana University
(Schiffer, 2010)

I was originally quite disappointed with Haunted Hoosier Halls: Indiana University, as it is full of generic statements such as, "It is said that...," and "It is rumored to be...." But it became apparent that author Kat Klockow is actually a talented historian and folklorist dedicated to recording and speculating about the various tales that abound on the Indiana University campus and in its surrounding area, and I could settle in to read the book for the urban legend tome that it is.

However, in the last quarter of the book, Klackow reveals herself to be a dedicated true-story ghost-hunter as well. Here, there is some actual ghost hunting going on, as well as first-hand accounts from witnesses and paranormal teams, which is a welcome addition to the folklore that dominates the majority of the book. I only wish there were more of them, as this is what I was expecting after reading the introduction and the "Meet the Teams" section.

Although well-written, I could never quite decide whether I liked this book or not. The end was certainly fun for fans of true ghost stories. I would highly recommend this book to students and alumnae of Indiana University as well as those residing in the area, and other readers who enjoy well-researched tidbits of local history and lore. However, if you are looking for bonafide ghost stories with contemporary witnesses, including those of the author, they're at a minimum here, coming only at the end, and you're probably going to want to look elsewhere for a more satisfying read.

book review by
Lee Lukaszewicz

18 June 2016

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