Ilona Knopfler,
Some Kind of Wonderful
(Mack Avenue, 2003)

Ilona Knopfler's jazz collection Some Kind of Wonderful is a true delight. Her clear, powerful voice carries listeners smoothly through a tuneful selection of jazz songs.

Knopfler was born in France, then grew up in Hong Kong. She got her start in music there thanks to Hong Kong karaoke. Now, she uses her diverse talents to produce a CD of songs with a delicious rhythmic beat.

This collection alternates between slow and fast songs and is perfect for dancing along with or simply listening to. The collection includes classics such as "Breaking Up is Hard to Do" and "Unchain My Heart," along with many other rock favorites with a jazz spin. Knopfler revives these old songs, adding new depth and creativity to them.

For those who enjoy jazz but are tired of the same songs, Knopfler offers a bright new selection.

- Rambles
written by Valerie Frankel
published 22 May 2004

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