Millie Knox,
Crafting with Nana: A Young Girl's Journey into Witchcraft
(New Gaia, 2009)

In this touching narrative, author Millie Knox brings us back to summers spent under the loving guidance of her Nana, a High Priestess who has chosen to instruct "Amethyst," as Nana called her, in the ways of the Craft.

Nana and Amethyst spend warm summer evenings by the light of a dancing fire, greet the sun every morning and bid it leave at the end of the day. They commune with nature as Amethyst learns to communicate with trees and birds and flowers. The magic of the Earth and all things on it quickly become evident to her. It is a simple story of tranquil summers and joyful celebration, a story that is that is cocooned in love.

I think all Nanas are a little bit magical, but this one is especially so. With her best friends Mary Lou and Beulah, Nana gently guides Amethyst into the ways of the Craft, leading her through her first experience with the goddess, her first Moon, and helps her see her talent for healing others. Nana knew right from the start that Amethyst would be special.

In this tender and affectionate remembrance, Millie shares with us her magical summers with Nana. Each summer begins with Grapette and bologna sandwiches and ends with a wistful goodbye until next year. Crafting with Nana is heartwarming for young and old alike.

book review by
Lee Lukaszewicz

20 November 2010

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