Dr. Grover S. Krantz,
Bigfoot Sasquatch: Evidence
(Hancock House, 1999)

Is there really such a creature as Bigfoot? Bigfoot Sasquatch: Evidence was written by a professor of anthropology who has done research into the creature for both academic and personal reasons since 1963. The book examines the evidence relating to the creature since the mid-1960s and includes 27 years of active research and experience with the subject.

Of the books that I have found on Bigfoot, this one makes the strongest case for existence and uses the best scientific reasoning to support it. The author carefully explains the most common questions, like why there have been no bones found and why it is so difficult to capture a live specimen. He is thorough and meticulous with the details.

Grover Krantz writes in a laidback, scientific style that is not quite scholarly, yet certainly not conversational. He is the serious, all-business author who has information to dispense and only a limited amount of space in which to deliver it. This is what I want when I am looking for the facts on a subject, so I really like his writing style for this type of book. If he were conversational or witty, we would all disregard him for not being serious enough.

The photographs, diagrams and illustrations will keep your mind busy for hours. After you set the book down, you will experience "flashbacks" to these pages and will again weigh the positives against the negatives. Are there any other answers? Did Krantz examine all the theories and eliminate each? Thus, this is a thought-provoking, theory-sparking book that every curious person should read at least twice.

I was impressed with the bibliography. I had no idea there was so much information available about Bigfoot. The index is also impressive. No matter what you seek about the creature, you can find it here easily. Like the rest of his work, it is thorough.

Krantz, who died in February 2002, paid a huge price for the release of this book -- he was passed over for promotion at the University of Washington, even though he held a Ph.D. in his field, and he became a laughingstock among his peers for taking the subject seriously. This man, who holds claim to being the first to apply ratiocination to the subject, should be remembered as a pioneer in the scientific field of Bigfoot studies. Only the future will prove or disprove his theory that Bigfoot is actually one of the Gigantopithecus blackii that have been believed to be extinct.

Bigfoot Sasquatch: Evidence is the scientifically oriented book about Bigfoot. If you want the hard facts, data analysis and evidence comparisons, order this book and set aside any doubts about the subject. By the end, Krantz will leave no room for skepticism. This is a no-nonsense book for the person that seriously seeks answers to their questions about Bigfoot, but it is also quite nice reading material. Any person with an interest in cryptozoology, mysteries, the natural world or the Pacific Coast region will enjoy this book.

- Rambles
written by Alicia Karen Elkins
published 14 February 2004

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