Sonja Kristina,
Cri De Couer
(Market Square, 2003)

Sensual, soulful and enigmatic are the adjectives appended to singer Sonja Kristina. On Cri De Couer, the actress and singer -- who is more associated with the old "acid rock" genre -- turns over a new leaf, if only for a short time.

The 14 tracks are basically laidback, hypnotic jazz as only an accomplished singer can deliver. This is a chill out, low lights and snifter of brandy album best appreciated with intimate company or in solitude.

Here you will experience rather than hear tracks that are familiar intertwined with some that will be new to you. I prefer the more familiar -- although Sonja gives them a new life.

She opens with the Holliday/Hertzog song "Don't Explain," and from there you sail on silky voice and cool backing through songs like "Lullaby" and "Skylark" to Cole Porter's "Every Time We Say Goodbye." One of my favourite tracks is Stephen Sondheim's "Unworthy of your Love," followed closely by her take on "Cry Me a River."

If you have a computer, pop the CD in to view a video performance of "Lullaby" as an added bonus.

by Nicky Rossiter
28 January 2006

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