La Balteuband,
La Balteuband
(Not Yet, 2006)

La Balteuband describes its compositions as "a blend of jazz and elements of Argentine music." There are some Latin rhythms, and this CD does have breezy and light moments like those associated with South American music. Still, it does not sound like Latin jazz or tango.

The music owes more to composition than improvisation. Pianist Emilio Teubal wrote all but one of the nine tracks, with one by six-string bassist Moto Fukushima. The playing is structured, although the melodies are diverse, ranging from 90 seconds to over 12 minutes.

Both Kobi Salomon and Felipe Salies play soprano sax; Sailes also plays tenor and Salomon clarinet. Franco Pinna drums, and Mariano Gil guests on flute on two tracks.

There is more soprano and clarinet than tenor. On many albums the soprano is used for more avant-garde explorations, but here is it melodic and provides a mellower tone throughout.

Salomon, who was raised in Israel, gives the pieces a hint of klezmer with his clarinet. The musicians are from different parts of the world and bring different influences to the recording. Teubal also has a classical sound at times in his solos.

This CD should appeal to a wide variety of listeners with its many imaginative melodic excursions.

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review by
Dave Howell

22 September 2007

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