The Last Horror Movie
directed by Julian Richards
(Bedford, 2003)

I love this movie, but it's well-nigh impossible to review. If I even begin to describe this film in any way, I'm going to do the story a disservice -- and I'm going to rob you, the viewer, of a uniquely visceral horror experience.

Under the right conditions (and of course I can't even tell you what those conditions are), The Last Horror Movie is capable of giving you the kind of thrills and chills all horror fans crave and so seldom experience. Under any conditions, however, the true horror buff must appreciate the vision of this singular project and the man who brings it to you. As for horror newbies, how I envy you right now -- I really do. Of course, you've more than likely already seen a plot summary, but no one can say that I gave anything away to the potential viewer.

If you've read any of my other reviews, you know I don't write short ones. Believe me, there is much I would like to discuss about this film, as it speaks to the concepts of good and evil, the horror movie audience in general and you -- yes, you -- in particular. Just watch it, and you'll see what I mean. I will offer you one piece of advice, though -- rent this film from your local video store. You'll thank me later -- uh, or maybe you won't.

review by
Daniel Jolley

8 May 2010

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