Amy LaVere,
This World is Not My Home
(Archer, 2006)

Here is a treasure of an album from a young lady who brings experience and love of the music to her recordings. The CD cover shows a rather petite young lady with an upright bass that looks bigger than her. Be that as it may, Amy LaVere has tamed the mighty bass and harnessed its power to accompany a sweet angel voice on a superb collection of songs.

LaVere grew up on country and traditional, tasted punk and returned to her roots as an accomplished writer and performer. Her powerful performance of her own composition, "Leaving," is my favourite track on This World is Not My Home. There are echoes of Parton and I detect Ronstadt in a voice that is very definitely LaVere. There is potential for airplay to launch this new star.

"Innocent Girl" is yet another strong song that she offers from the heart. The beguiling innocence of her voice counterpoints the lyrics to perfection. Achy, breaky country music comes to the fore on "Last Night." The title track (not the gospel song of the same name) is another tour de force of her ability. And I dare you not to tap along on "We Went Sailing," another track from her pen.

Amy LaVere is the voice that could convert many to country music if they listened to a single track from this collection.

by Nicky Rossiter
22 April 2006

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