Scott Lefebvre,
Spooky Creepy Long Island
(Schiffer, 2008)

Scott Lefebvre is a self-proclaimed ghost hunter by hobby, and he has visited many haunted locations in the Long Island area, recording happenings there. While not advocating that the reader trespass in abandoned or private buildings, he opens this book with a chapter on safety precautions and a list of must-have gear for the exploration of such spots, should the reader insist upon such adventures anyway. The rest of this book is a collection of urban myths and legends that surround many famous and infamous spots in Long Island.

Here you will meet a ghost who continues to fold laundry in the basement of a long-ago decommissioned mental hospital. The well-known tale of the Amityville murders and hauntings are recounted for objective review of the readers. Several hauntings of lighthouses up and down the Long Island sound are shared for consideration and amusement.

This book would make wonderful Halloween seasonal reading. Tales are appropriate for retelling around an autumn bonfire, by candlelight or flashlight glow at a sleepover, or with a cup of hot cocoa on an upcoming chilly night. You may wish to leave a light on somewhere afterward. The creaks and groans you hear as you drift off to sleep that night MIGHT be nothing, or might be signs of otherworldy visitors you are now more willing to notice or believe in.

book review by
Wren Dillon

21 August 2010

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