David Leviatan, The Mummy (Scholastic, 1999)

The Mummy is a novelization of the multi-million dollar movie of the same name. If you've seen the movie, the novelization is a good companion to read.

The book provides another inch or so of character development of the heroes of the movie. But don't expect to get an outstanding revelation about the movie.

Some of the dialogue changes within the book, but this is very minor. However, the book does explain many items which, in the movie, were never explained -- such as why there are five canopic jars instead of the traditional four. But perhaps much of the explanations found in the book can be found laying on the floor of the film editing room.

This book is a light, fun read. Don't read it if you want historical or scientific studies of ancient Egypt; this ain't Michael Crighton who's writing this novelization. Don't read this if you want in-depth character development or an intricate plots intertwining. But, if you want something akin to "brain-candy" (perhaps a book for an airline trip that you wouldn't mind leaving behind), an easy and fun read -- especially if you've seen The Mummy, then this is the book to read.

If you haven't seen The Mummy, then I suggest that you should. The book provides more of a background, but the movie provides all of the visual stimulation.

[ by Jade Falcon ]

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