Marc Joel Levitt,
Tales of an October Moon
(August House, 1992)

These four tales are original to the author, but they have the feel of folktale told in autumn when the winds blow chill and the moon rises cold and clear. This makes great sense, as these stories were inspired by an October moon.

The masterful telling (by author Marc Joel Levitt) and spooky sound effects make the tales even more entertaining. Advertised as suitable for ages 9 and up, these stories will make for chilling listening for nearly all ages. They are guaranteed to keep the kids in the backseat quiet on long drives and provide pleasant diversions from portable DVD players and computer games.

The first offering is about Elizabeth, a little girl who gets to go trick-or-treating for the very first time in a very real skeleton costume. The second is just as clever and involves water, a great deal of water -- a haunted reservoir. The third story is about a lonely boy who has been moved from his home to New England and finds an imaginary friend who is not quite as imaginary as one would think. It is the best of the four and elevates the book to greater quality. The last gem in this collection is eerie indeed and ends the book on a note of fear and hesitant giggles. I, for one, will not laugh at the Purple Bishop of the devilish church!

This audiobook is just over an hour long. It is quite enjoyable and scary enough without being too scary. The setting is timeless and, though set in New England, accessible for anyone living anywhere. It is perfect for playing during sleepovers, car trips and family gatherings.

- Rambles
written by Debbie Gayle Rose
published 11 September 2004

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