Miami Jam
(independent, 2006)

Lino Alessio is one of those artists you hear without even knowing it. The classically trained smooth-jazz guitarist has seen his music played on films; television networks like Fox Sports, ABC Family, NBC, MTV, TBS and Lifetime; and television shows like Cold Case, Law & Order, Romm Raiders and the 2005 Emmy Countdown.

Originally from Akron, Ohio, Lino began studying classical guitar at age 9. When he entered college at the University of Miami, Ohio, Lino majored in history and pre-med. But after college, he again turned his attention toward music.

Miami Jam is the third album for Lino. Nine of the 11 tunes are original compositions where Lino shows off his composition skills. The album is smooth jazz, but it also hints at Lino's classical music training. Miami Jam not only displays Lino's talents and passion for the music in his original pieces, but it also comes through in Lino's cover of the Mason Williams classic "Classical Gas." And just to make sure his classical background isn't neglected, a photo of Lino studying a Mozart piece is included in the album art, and he plays "Turkish March" by Mozart on the disc.

Lino says studying classical music has enabled him to appreciate all musical genres. He makes his home in southern California and can be seen performing regularly in the area.

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review by
Sherrill Fulghum

7 July 2007

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