Lisa Lynne,
Daughters of the Celtic Moon
(Windham Hill/BMG, 1998)

Lisa Lynne, by way of the Celtic harp and mandolin, creates passionately haunting melodies in Daughters of the Celtic Moon, her first album with Windham Hill/BMG.

Pennywhistles, Appalachian dulcimers, bamboo flutes, recorders, arch lutes and citterns are but a few of the instruments that blend with Lisa Lynne's skilled harp to emit pleasing and memorable instrumentals in this compilation of Celtic-flavoured tunes.

"Sister Moon," the first track, taunts the listener into following to a place of long ago where time almost stands still. There, he/she will lapse into another century via the rhythms of "Maiden Dance," "Nightingale," "Branwin's Secret" and "The Shine of a Shrine" -- each song of the same fiber, but distinctly rich in its own colour and splendour.

An upbeat musical chase abounds in "Knight Ride," and then the harp bids us to relax to the lilt of a "Crimson Morning," and "A Gentle Place," "Way of the World," "Gossamer Heart" and "Lake of Dreams." A Celtic rendition of Sting's "Fields of Gold" is a stunning inclusion on this exquisite disc.

The soothing, yet tantalizing nature of these musical selections make Lisa Lynne's Daughters of the Celtic Moon a necessary potion for slowing down the modern world and losing oneself in a calm place of passion and inspiration. It's a necessary staple in the musical library of any Celtic music lover!

[ by Lynne Remick ]

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