Lisa Lynne,
Maiden's Prayer
(New Earth, 2002)

When it comes to creating moods with music, few instruments do better than a harp. Over the past few years, self-taught harpist Lisa Lynne has done a nice job of combining elements of Celtic and new age music.

On Maiden's Prayer, Lisa set out to create the type of music that she heard at a Renaissance faire. To accomplish this she enlisted musicians from Musica Angelica, a Renaissance ensemble, as well as some Persian musicians from the Lian Ensemble. The result is a pleasing collection of traditional and original tunes.

The CD includes Lisa playing Celtic harp, bandoura, dulcimer and bouzouki, and George Tortorelli, who plays bamboo flutes, bouzouki, dumbek and various recorders and whistles. The members of Musica Angelica play lute and a viola da gamba, which is an early version of the cello. The members of the Lian Ensemble offer some ancient Persian percussion instruments.

The CD opens with a traditional Irish song, "Chanter's Tune." The title track is an original tune which starts out sounding Celtic, but takes on a Middle Eastern flavor.

Lisa does a nice rendition of the familiar Turough O' Carolan Irish tune, "Eleanor Plunket." "Still I Will (Be Merry)" and "I Love My Love (Maid In Bedlam)" are also nice adaptations of traditional tunes. "Lauda De Maria Maddalenna" is a traditional Italian tune with a haunting melody. One of the nicer original songs is the CD's closing song, "As Ye Lay In Slumber," written to celebrate the birth of Lisa's niece.

Maiden's Prayer has a more traditional sound than most of Lisa's previous CDs. Her choice of musicians and songs result in a good look at the music of the 15th and 16th century. If you like Celtic, new age and ancient music, Maiden's Prayer is a good choice.

- Rambles
written by Dave Townsend
published 16 November 2002

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