Howard Lyons,
Spirit Walk
(SOAR, 2001)

If you want a music collection that will calm your nerves and soothe your soul, get Spirit Walk. Howard Lyons has combined strong messages about Native American culture and history with some of the best of synthesized music on the market. This is contemporary Native American music that concentrates on giving thanks for our many blessings in life and honoring all life on Mother Earth. More importantly to the music shopper, it is an excellent collection of music.

"Spirit Walk" is an ideal song to meditate and journey by. Set your stereo to repeat this one song and you will find that it carries you into a deep meditative state and lifts your stress away. The chanting is at the ideal pitch and volume to induce a trance state.

My favorite selection is "Exiled." Anyone familiar with Native American history will immediately recognize the speech that is included. Chief Joseph delivered these impassioned words during one of his many trips to Washington, D.C., on behalf of his people. To hear his speech set to music and recited by Howard Lyons is a moving experience. It will make you stop whatever you are doing and think for a while.

The only thing I found that could have been improved is when he talks with music in the background. The music tends to overpower his voice and you have to strain to hear what he is saying. If he would kick up the volume on his voice or downplay the music into a soft background support, it would be easier to hear his message. I'll still give him a 10 out of a possible 10 for this collection.

The selections included in Spirit Walk are "Weyo Ho (Woman's Honor Chant)," "Well on Our Way," "Spirit Walk," "Elders Honor Song," "For Our Seventh Generation," "Yo Jahwah Hey (Mother Earth Our Sacred Place)," "Elders Honor Chant," "Wind Hollow," "Exiled (It's a Wonder We Survived)" and "Yahne Yah Ho (A Celebration of Life)."

Lyons is the creator of Sky Dome Records and makes CDs for other artists in his New Hampshire studio. He works diligently to promote education about Native American peoples while preserving the culture and heritage of his tribe. During 2002 and early '03, he traveled to 930 schools and numerous museums and libraries across the U.S. to perform his music and speak about Native Americans. I commend him for his work and encourage all readers to help support his efforts through the purchase of Spirit Walk.

- Rambles
written by Alicia Karen Elkins
published 13 December 2003

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