The Finlay MacDonald Band,
(Greentrax, 2007)

Take jazz, traditional and contemporary music, mix them enthusiastically and deliver with gusto, and you have a rough idea of what this CD has to offer. On Re-Echo you will experience guitar, fiddle, bass drums, flute, whistles and various pipes as Finlay MacDonald leads his excellent band through nine tracks that will have you breathless.

Opening with "Back to Bergamo," a set running over seven minutes with new compositions from MacDonald, it opens with rather spare instrumentation and builds beautifully. "Elav the Terrible" begins with some wonderful pipe playing and a laidback jazz-style backing on the first part of the set " Duncan the Guager."

The album continues in similar vein, giving unusual combinations of instruments and interpretations that will mesmerize the listener. As with most instrumental albums, this is a total listening experience rather than a collection of standout tracks.

review by
Nicky Rossiter

11 August 2007

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