Seven Seas
(independent, 2006)

Marcome is a Canadian singer/songwriter based in Montreal and Quebec who re-released her solo debut album from 1995, Seven Seas, with 10 self-crafted airs and songs. She sings and plays the keyboards and her music is an atmospheric mix of new age sounds. The album has been produced together with Michel Robidoux and recorded with some selected guest musicians.

Marcome has a crystal clear voice that has been modified electronically and, together with the soft sounds of the keyboards and some nice percussion work by Michel Dupire, the CD starts with the dreamy air "Breathe" and the spellbinding song "Yeku." Marc Langis adds his fretless bass on "Time to Follow," a rather jazzy tune spiced with the angelic voice of Marcome, keyboards and the soft pulsating sound of congas, djembe and other percussions. "Memoria," another melancholic air, stands out with Francois Myrand's counterbass playing and the title track is a pretty love song featuring Langis on acoustic bass and Bob Cohen on classic guitar.

Marcome's debut re-release is an eclectic mix of new age music with jazz and world music influences. It slightly reminds of Enya and some other new age artists, though there's no copying at all. Her songs and tunes are original tracks clearly bearing Marcome's signature. I was impressed by her singing as well as by the brilliant arrangements.

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review by
Adolf Goriup

29 May 2010

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