Dave Marinaccio,
All I Really Need to Know I
Learned from Watching Star Trek

(Crown, 1994; Gramercy, 2004)

Dave Marinaccio is a fervent Star Trek fan, and he's not afraid to let the world know it. This slim book was born after a colleague pointed out that he could link any situation to an incident from Star Trek.

With 60 different anecdotes, Marinaccio shares the insights he picked up by watching the original Star Trek series. He admits that these lessons may have been unintended by the producers, writers and actors, but he learned them nevertheless.

Lessons range from little things like it's OK to have a bit of a pot belly to "The unknown is not to be avoided. It is to be examined, understood and accepted. Fear should be treated exactly the same way." The former lesson is illustrated by none other than Capt. James T. Kirk, whose pot belly didn't keep him from getting all the girls, frequently losing his shirt or beating the tar out of Finnegan. As for the latter lesson, Marinaccio illustrates that one with the story of how he came to enjoy sky diving.

One other very important lesson that practically everyone already knows: "Never, ever, ever wear a red shirt -- not under any circumstances." After a couple of potentially fatal incidents in which he was wearing red, Marinaccio took that one to heart.

This amusing little book will likely only appeal to people with a passing familiarity with Star Trek. If you're a Trekker (or a Trekkie), though, it'll definitely make you smile and nod in delight.

by Laurie Thayer
16 September 2006

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