Maya & Sage,
Spirit of Love
(Spirit Singer, 2004)

"We are Spirit Singers and we create music to celebrate life," Maya & Sage state about themselves and the subtitle of their album, Spirit of Love. The recording includes devotional chanting and spiritual love songs, featuring 10 self-crafted tracks from mantra chanting to esoteric and romantic songs performed by the two multi-instrumentalists and a few guest musicians.

"Calling Sita Ram" and "Jai Sita Ram" are the CD openers, with Silvia Nakkach's vocal embellishment, Maya's tender lead vocals and Sage's esoteric groove. The first song is beautiful mantra chanting and the latter a modern approach to it including programming and an electronic lineup. The great horned owl and the red-shouldered hawk accompany Sage's flute and didgeridoo playing on "Ancestors' Breath," the introduction to "My Breath" -- here Maya's singing reminds me of Grace Slick of Jefferson Airplane. Geoffrey Gordon adds some original Indian sounds with tablas and kartals, and Maya & Sage provide the rich musical arrangement.

I think the CD is a beautiful collection of esoteric love songs, professionally recorded and mixed. Sometimes the music is pretty commercial and mainstream, but always the two deliver melodic and rhythmic tracks that will certainly appeal to some of you.

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review by
Adolf Goriup

25 October 2008

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