Steve Mayone,
Bedroom Rockstar
(Umver, 2004)

After 20 years of writing, playing and producing music for others, Bedroom Rockstar is Steve Mayone's chance to showcase his musical talents. Well, the two decades of experience shine through in this wonderfully versatile album.

You can see how panoramic Mayone's musical influences and experiences must be, as each song leans towards a different style and/or genre. "Good Day to Die" has Bob Dylan vocal stylings mixed with a (conveniently enough) Wallflowers instrumental sound. "I Don't Deserve You" must be Mayone's attempt at Billy Joel. It starts out with a lonely piano and forlorn vocals. "Other Side" shows the man knows his Beatles. If you pay really close attention in the quieter parts of "Losing," you can pick up a faint hint of Nirvana. Regardless of the various influences, the end product stands on its own merits.

Another great thing about this album is that each song has its own distinctly different sound. Sometimes, too much versatility can lead to a slapped-together or hodgepodge effect; that's not the case here. For instance, "The Sweetest Thing" (a fast-paced pop tune) and "Wanted Man" (a somber duet) seem like they were made from two different musicians. While the styles are polar opposites, there are particular elements (beyond Mayone's vocals) that imply a connection. Mayone conveys consistency while injecting each song with its own vitality.

There's no questioning that this album has something for everyone -- it's a cornucopia of musical styles. The universal accessibility of this album should provide mainstream appeal without the trappings of mainstream sound (i.e. cloned songs, repetitive lyrics, etc.) Each song is a fresh sound to experience free of needless repetition. If you want a cornucopia of musical style, then check out this Bedroom Rockstar.

- Rambles
written by C. Nathan Coyle
published 17 July 2004

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