Randy McAllister,
Dope Slap Soup
(Reaction, 2007)

With a title like that, you think I could resist this CD? Turns out, Dope Slap Soup is Randy McAllister's eighth CD. He's a Texas based singer-songwriter with a funky gospel blues sound that is going to strike a chord with fans of many music genres.

McAllister's got some strong messages that are going to appeal to the human condition as well. You listen with a laugh and a wry headshake. And yes, sometimes you want to shout, "Amen, brother!"

We have all experienced the drunken uncle, the gossiper, the cousin in his BVDs that he's writing about in "Can't Pick Your Relatives."

I wasn't quite sure what to expect with "$127 Sandwich." I admit, I had a "$500 Lollipop" thanks to a bump in the road that broke my tooth, but I think Randy beat my story with this one.

"Hardheaded" is another Texas word for "stubborn mule-headed." Forget the whole "Men are from Mars" thing, I think McAllister has the situation between the sexes pegged here.

"Clear My Head," the opener, talks about "too much traffic and too much information." And yes, we all need to clear our heads -- roots music is a great way to do that.

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review by
Becky Kyle

2 August 2008

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