Sandra McCracken,
(TowHee, 2006)

Sandra McCracken's Gravity/Love CD is a powerful combination of many good things. With a voice that is powerful but feminine, full-bodied and musical, she uses it to it reach for the heavens. The music and lyrics arranged with her voice are instant country soul.

Her musicians don't have to be light-handed; her voice carries strongly and the arrangements are draw-stringed around her delicious voice like a multicolored ribbon of sound.

This Missouri-born singer spent time in Nashville, and her talents in song-writing show up in the moving tracks she has created on this album. A mix of tempos keeps the tracks interesting, but the songs remain marked by McCracken's signature beat and grit-and-honey voice.

The mixture of musicians who contributed to the CD is a large part of the beauty that you'll find on these cuts. The country feel isn't held to a strict regime, though. It appears there was a lot of room for inspiration and there's a special sound that accompanies the songs.

I think this is a CD that will be cherished by everyone who hears it. Don't let the simplicity of the cover fool you. There's a lot to be sung about a heart and an apple.

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review by
Virginia MacIsaac

18 October 2008

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