Dave McCullough,
(independent, 2008)

Pharr is a modest release, with a simple typed cover and just Dave McCullough alone on a seven-string guitar. But McCullough has no reason to be modest about his playing.

This is classic jazz guitar, the type of thing that would be best suited as restful background music if it wasn't so good. McCullough alternates chords and strumming with fast and clean single-note runs, intermittently adding bass notes.

There are carefully arranged versions of "Summertime" and "Misty," but the best tunes are unfamiliar ones like "Beautiful Mess" and "For Martha." McCullough has a wonderfully understated touch to bring out these beautiful melodies.

You might have to contact McCullough yourself (his website is linked below) to find out where to buy the CD, but it is pharr and away worth the effort.

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review by
Dave Howell

21 February 2009

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