Eleanor McEvoy,
Singled Out
(Zoom, 2009)

Eleanor McEvoy is constantly changing her genre, style and delivery.

Singled Out is subtitled "The Independent Singles," but it could just as easily be called "From Yola to Uganda." Over 15 vocal tracks plus a bonus DVD performance of one song, you get a showcase of a major singer/songwriter and a collection of tracks that will amuse, delight and often make you think.

In particular I loved the track "Make Mine a Small One." This is a song that you cannot hear without some emotion. Is it telling the tale of lost life or lost love? In either case it will move you in its lyrics and in its beautiful rendition.

McEvoy has a wicked sense of humour in her live shows and in a way it is reflected in a track titled "You'll Hear Better Songs Than This." The song is a beautiful love song that again will make you think but, to be honest, I disagree with that title.

Part of McEvoy's infinite "street cred" is that she can get away with a wonderful song like "Love Must Be Tough," telling a tale of a somewhat turbulent relationship that might have many up in arms if not delivered in her inimitable style.

Listening to this CD one tries to classify the unclassifiable. She strides across styles with ease. At time you think of Mary Chapin Carpenter and then you say it's deep down blues or rocking country. This CD may never get the audience it deserves on radio so it's up to you to go out and get it.

review by
Nicky Rossiter

21 November 2009

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