Yikes McGee,
Protest Songs for the New Millennium
(self-produced, 2003)

'Tis the season for political folk music. And what a bounteous season it's been. First, George Scherer's The Election Year Waltz gave us some toe-tapping anti-Bush diatribe. Now Yikes McGee antes up the bite and happy venom with his hysterical new folk album, Protest Songs for the New Millenium.

McGee pulls no punches with his opinions. In fact, he prints them right on the disc: "I Condemn this President for Misusing our Troops on a Mission Promoting Sinister Political and Narrow-Minded Ideological Objectives." Just in case you missed his point, the track list should clue you in: "Bad President," "Propagandy," "The Cowboy President," "PNAC: or NEO-Masters of War," "The Liar" and "Hello Mama" (not as obvious as the rest, so I'll clue you in: a cell phone call, complete with lost signals, from Bin Laden to his mother, telling her not to worry; he's perfectly safe since Bush has no intention of pursuing him).

McGee's Man & His Guitar delivery is classic and fun. His crystal-clear and surprisingly moving voice lets you hear every hilarious word. Unfortunately, there's not enough words to go around: the album's only drawback is the too-short length. But what McGee delivers is wicked and witty and shout-out amusing. In fact, the lyrics are so funny, I'm tempted to transcribe them word-for-word. But I don't want to ruin the fun you're certain to have with this CD. Fun, that is, if you are riled up Bush-hater in need of some moral and humorous support from a comrade-in-arms.

- Rambles
written by Tracie Vida
published 11 September 2004

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