Jon McKiel,
The Nature of Things
(Wednesday, 2008)

Nova Scotia-based singer-songwriter Jon McKiel gathered together a band of five musicians to record his second album, The Nature of Things. In addition to bassist Josh Kogon and drummer Cory Leblanc, who previously appeared on McKiel's self-titled debut album, he invited Mike Deon (guitar) and Colin Crowell (synthesizer, keyboards, trumpet) to join the gang and produce 10 self-crafted songs.

McKiel has a beautiful voice, and together with the rhythmic and sometimes heavy-rock sound, his music will certainly attract the interest of the listener. Typical hard-rock guitar riffs, vibrant bass and stunning drum playing accompany his harmonic singing, which is also supported by the trumpet.

The CD starts with "War on You," a song that is rhythmic and melancholic as well. Organ, guitar, bass and drums create a perfect platform for McKiel's soulful and sometimes nearly psychedelic singing. But you'll also find sentimental songs on the CD like "Sleep Cities" -- as often is the case, the harder the guys play rock music, the softer they're able to bring forward their ballads.

This album is not really folk music and it is not songwriter music, either. It is a great rock album, the kind of music we used to hear in the 1970s and '80s and I still appreciate that sound because of its brilliant quality.

review by
Adolf Goriup

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