Heather McLeod,
Graffiti Love Songs
(BellaMuse, 1999)

Not being familiar with Heather McLeod, I saw her name and assumed this would be an album of Celtic music. Sure, why not? What I heard instead was a motley of musical influences, ranging from a Spanish/Latin feeling to a very jazzy rhythm, and, of course, the inevitable Celtic influences.

McLeod sings all the vocals and plays Spanish guitar. Two instrumental ensembles -- Head in the Clouds, a trio featuring McLeod, and Picante -- provide an orchestral background to McLeod's song, adding a Latin flavor and various flows of rhythm.

The title song, "Graffiti Love Song," mixes a somewhat salsa/Latin rhythm using various guitars, congas and a light trumpet ensemble in the background. "Raven" shows its Celtic influences while a guitar provides a simple accompaniment to McLeod's voice mingled with soulful and lonely trumpet in the background.

As the title of the album suggests, a large majority of the songs are various love songs of different themes. While I am not a particular fan of love songs as such, the album contains a nice varied selection of music which can please the ear. I'd recommend the album for your enjoyment on a slow, mellow Sunday afternoon when there's not much to do.

[ by Jade Falcon ]