Marion Meadows,
Player's Club
(Heads Up, 2004)

The musical influences are as varied as his cultural background for Heads Up artist Marion Meadows.

Meadows was born in West Virginia, raised in Connecticut and now makes his home in Phoenix, Ariz. A member of the Aboriginal Music Society, his caramel-coloured skin and long black hair are a hint to his Native American ancestry. Meadows, who appreciates a variety of musical styles, sticks mostly to smooth jazz, a genre that easily lends itself to integrating a number of musical ingredients into the mix.

Meadows began his classical training at age 8 on a clarinet. He later changed to the soprano saxophone. But he never intended to become a professional musician. He had planned on being a veterinarian or zoologist and play music as a hobby ... until he saw the reactions of the crowds. Meadows began his musical career in the mid-1980s, but it wasn't until 1991 that he hit the airwaves. Since then he has performed with Phyllis Hyman, Eartha Kitt, Michael Bolton, the Temptations, Will Downing and Douglas Spotted Eagle, among others.

Meadows' album Player's Club is a collection of 11 tunes that seem to have a life of their own. The music wraps itself around you and carries you away. The album grabs you and says listen only to me ... and do nothing else.

For smooth jazz fans, Player's Club is a must-have for their musical collection.

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review by
Sherrill Fulghum

19 April 2008

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