Mutiny Gone Overboard,
Mutiny Gone Overboard
(Chess, 2002)

Mutiny Gone Overboard is a new band from British Columbia who formed a little over a year ago. They cite their influences as Great Big Sea, Spirit of the West and, of course, the Pogues -- what high energy, upbeat band doesn't trace their pedigree to that band? (They sound a lot to me like a 1970s band called Mulligan.) They have played at numerous festivals, reached the semi-finals of the 2002 Shaw Star Discovery and have had some success locally with one of the featured songs.

This CD provides a mixture of old and new, and I must admit, I prefer the new.

"Mary Celeste" is an interesting song that bears repeated listening, although I detect that the tune was purloined -- is it "Kitty Lie Over"? I really enjoyed the humour in "Last Saskatchewan Pirate," an Arrogant Worms cover. I am sure that this is a real showstopper in live performance. "Slip Away" has a beautiful tune as an opening.

Cover versions of well known traditional songs are a minefield. They are so well known that we can easily spot errors. Sometimes a performer can re-invent an old song with a new interpretation but there is no formula for when it happens.

The general interpretation and performance of the old songs from "Black Velvet Band" to "Wild Rover" are competent on this album but would be much better served without the "live" feel being attempted -- although I believe that this group must be very good in live performance and can truly get an audience going.

There is also something missing on this CD: the production. The tracks come across as too hollow, and this spoils the entire atmosphere. Still, I would like to hear a lot more of Mutiny Gone Overboard, but preferably on new and original material played straight. They sound like a group with the potential to write and perform some good folk music.

[ by Nicky Rossiter ]
Rambles: 14 September 2002