Steve Miksis,
Points of View from Inside-Out:
A Collection of Poems & Random Thoughts

(Morris, 2002)

It's strange that the deeper and more universal the feeling, the harder it is to put into effective poetry. Steve Miksis tries to find words for the most basic of human feelings in Points of View from Inside-Out: A Collection of Poems & Random Thoughts. What results is a book mostly full of the heartfelt but overly general sentiments that litter motivational posters in offices and elementary schools all over the country.

But sprinkled in with realizations that anger is destructive and love is good are a few autobiographical poems that hint at a greater skill. When Miksis focuses on his specific experience over general emotion, as in his farewell to his father, his work invites you to feel along with him even in uncomfortable moments.

The few gems in this collection won't make it worthwhile for an intense poetry fan, but they do suggest that Miksis has a fine poet in him somewhere, waiting just underneath the generalities and preaching. Until he decides to fully uncover that poet, Points of View from Inside-Out may, at least, be a nice source for greeting cards.

- Rambles
written by Sarah Meador
published 25 January 2003

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