Will Millar,
Celtic Reverie:
Women of Ireland

(Chacra Alternative, 1996)

A veritable fairy chest of treasures!

With the help of their instruments, a talented bunch of players of Irish origins conjure Ireland and bright it to life. Celtic Reverie packs the delightful sounds of pennywhistles, harmonicas, Celtic harps, keyboards, fiddles and other stringed instruments in 58:56 minutes of Celtic musical pleasure. Will Millar's adaptations and arrangements of old Irish tunes feel and sound so authentic, they could have drifted in on the Irish mist hundreds of years ago instead of 1996.

Even without words, Celtic Reverie is poetry in motion, and Will Millar a poet. Oh, to hear the musical voice of "The Women of Ireland," to see the bird in the breeze in "Bird of Peace" and the roar of the sea in "Seascapes and Safe Harbours," to mention a few.

Having spent two weeks in Ireland myself, I recognize the sound and feel of the place, and know way a piece of Ireland becomes embedded in your heart. Celtic Reverie brings me back to Ireland.

[ by Lynne Remick ]
Rambles: 23 February 2002

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