Dave Miller,
Demons & Devils: Wicked Tunes from the Doomed
(Delta, 2001)

Demons & Devils: Wicked Tunes from the Doomed is a Halloween soundtrack that convinces you that you have been brought to the dungeon of the Lord of the Night. You are introduced to the keeper of this evil place in the first track and he tells you that you will die tonight.

You hear people being tortured and begging for help, but you are locked in your own nightmare. You experience a "Bad Vision" and "Dark Hypnosis" before engaging in the "Devil's Dance." Eventually, you find the "Healing Cross" and there is a "Final Rescue."

This was my first experience with a series of musical selections -- other than Native American collections -- actually making me feel like I have experienced every title of every selection. Perhaps the producers did include hypnosis, but it is much more likely that Dave Miller is a gifted master of emotional and psychological manipulation via musical arrangements.

While experiencing this CD -- no, I did not listen to it; I experienced it -- my body reacted to the music. At times my pulse quickened. At times I felt a chill, even though the thermometer on my wall assured me that the room was at 70 degrees. At other times my breathing and pulse slowed, as if I were being hypnotized.

Demons & Devils is the most masterful manipulation of physiology that I have found in the musical realm. Most collections will have at least one selection that is lower quality. That is not the case here. The composition is incredible with layering that turns the music into a bottomless ocean for the mind to swim through.

Demons & Devils is one of the best collections on the market to get you in the Halloween mood. You will not even need to turn off the lights. This music will get to you in the broad daylight.

music review by
Alicia Karen Elkins

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