Millish, Millish
(independent, 2005)

This CD includes two International Acoustic Music Award-winning songs, but the album arrived with little documentation other than the package.

The name of both the band and CD, Millish, seems to be a corruption of a Gaelic word meaning "sweet," and listening to the eight tracks on offer here, this band lives up to the title. The band performs on the Celtic side of jazz, or the jazzy side of Celtic -- take your pick.

The tracks bear intriguing titles, including "Parachute Man," "The Mighty Pickle" and "Hungry Man," and seven appear to be composed by members of the band. They are all enjoyable to listen to; the styles and renditions here are rather jazz-oriented and will appeal more, perhaps, to the serious musician than the casual listener.

The one familiar track on the album is "Stairway to Heaven." It opens with a lovely soft string arrangement before the introduction of percussion. Millish then speeds up that notorious trip up the stairs, and we get a unique interpretation of the music.

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music review by
Nicky Rossiter

7 August 2010

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