Robert Mirabal,
Indians Indians
(Silver Wave, 2003)

Robert Mirabal -- or the Mira Man, as he calls himself in a note on the CD booklet -- lives in a traditional pueblo at the foot of sacred Taos Mountain, New Mexico. He is musician, composer, flute-maker, poet, actor, craftsman, farmer and horseman. His latest project, Indians Indians, is another fascinating journey to the world of Native American culture.

Robert sings, speaks and plays the flutes and percussion. He is accompanied by Michael Kott (cello), Estevan Castillo (guitar), Robin Abeles (bass), Joel Fadness (drums) and the tribal voices of Reynaldo Lujan and Evan Trujillo. Mirabal and Walker Barnard did the programming and Laura Satterfield's beautiful singing is added to some of the songs.

The cello, guitar and Mirabal's mesmerizing singing introduce us to "Governor Bent's Song," a perfectly hypnotizing kickoff for the album. The title track starts with spoken words about the individuality of Native American people; there is not the one and only Hollywood cliche Indian. And Mirabal proves it with an upbeat rocking groove, Native American rap. On "Dream of You" Mirabal sings a hauntingly beautiful duet with Satterfield. Satterfield has a bluesy sort of voice and the simple arrangement with cello, guitar, bass, percussion and flute puts the two voices in the foreground.

"Theo's Dream" is a reflection about modern America seen with the eyes of an Indian. Social problems, wars and racial hatred between the different population groups often replace love, harmony and friendship.

The eagle of wisdom is flying high above our heads; we should not let him slip out of our sight. I love this CD with Mirabal's self-crafted songs, full of philosophical thoughts, spellbinding music, modern grooves and traditional elements.

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review by
Adolf Goriup

8 November 2008

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