Nick Pope, The Man Who Left the MOD:
The UFO Phenomenon Unveiled

directed by Philip Gardiner
(Reality Films, 2007)

This DVD does not unveil the UFO phenomenon, and that is to its credit.

Nick Pope used to work for Britain's Ministry of Defense, part of the time investigating UFOs. The DVD is simply an interview with Pope, with a few unnecessary pictures and effects added. Pope does not pretend to know what UFOs are, although he presents a few interesting theories. A personable interview subject, Pope mostly describes the sightings that took place during his UFO assignments.

He does not reveal any cover-up by his government, although he mentions one incident where a U.S. Air Force general removed items from an alleged landing site that were never made available to U.K. investigators.

But Pope admits there is no physical evidence of aliens or extraterrestrial spacecraft. What Pope convincingly presents, however, are the large number of UFO sightings.

Pope points out that many of the reports are from police and military personnel, who are trained to observe and who can be assumed to be reputable. He also convinces the listener that most sightings are not reported, for fear of ridicule or other reasons.

This DVD should convince you that there is something out there. We just don't know what it is.

review by
Dave Howell

5 April 2008

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