Alastair Moock,
Let It Go
(Cora Zong, 2005)

Put this disc in. Turn up the volume, dim the lights and prepare to be blown away. This is Americana as it should be, combining intelligent lyrics, a driving beat and marvelous music.

Opening with one of the best new songs I have heard in years, "My Famous Leaving Song," Alastair Moock sets a mood and a pace to quicken your heart. He follows up with a similar calibre on "Standing at Five Corners" -- even the title has class.

Moock is not afraid to tackle subjects like death on "Everybody's Wondering" and "Death Don't Have No Mercy." Amazingly, these are not morbid songs. The former addresses something we often consider in those abstract minutes like what is the next life will be like. But he proves that he can do quiet just as well as upbeat. "Red Ribbon Waltz" is a beautiful slow romantic song revealing questions we all wondered at times like "would she dance if I asked her?"

Another subject often given a wide berth by singers of popular music is the ever-present problem of depression. Moock takes it head on on the wonderful track with the very apt title "Unwanted Guest," and in so doing gives us a great song from a dreadful ailment.

There are 13 tracks on offer here and any one of them could be a hit with the proper exposure. Personally, I would buy this album if it only had a single track. That track is #13 and combines the pen of Woody Guthrie with the voice of Alastair Moock to the greatest of effect. The track is "1913 Massacre," and if you know it you will love this rendition. If you do not know the song be prepared to weep at this sad, sad tale of the consequences of greed.

You may perceive that I liked this album and I predict that if you like good music you will, too.

by Nicky Rossiter
31 December 2005

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