The Moon & the Nightspirit,
(independent, 2010)

Whether you speak Hungarian or not, this world music volume will evoke night spirits and woodland dreams.

Osforras, a collection of Hungarian pagan music, is composed of nine songs running about 45 minutes. It's hard to believe only two musicians are working here. Complex melodies are woven with wood flute, guitars and bowed instruments. Drumbeats sound primal and are a completely integral part of the music. Complex arrangements will have you enchanted.

Agnes, the female vocalist, has a power and range that's daunting to describe. Her powerful voice is an evocative instrument in itself. The male vocalist, Mihaly, uses his voice as backup, beautifully weaving a lower counterpoint and sometimes singing percussively along with the drums.

I do not speak a word of Hungarian, but the dark loveliness of this music doesn't need interpretation -- just listen and your mind conjures up dark woods with mysterious creatures dancing.

music review by
Becky Kyle

6 August 2011

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