Benny More,
(Escondida, 2005)

Benny More was one of the most famous and greatest singers of the Cuban music scene from the 1940s until his early death in 1963. Still today, his fans consider him one of the best Cuban singers of all time. Escondida Music has re-released his album Ritmo in 2005.

Certainly the sound quality isn't the same as we're used to today, but this makes the music even more authentic. When you're listening to this CD you can feel the tropical heat and you can smell the scent of the Caribbean air. You feel like dancing and you'd like to order one of those colourful and tasty cocktails while you move to those beautiful rhythms -- rumba, cha-cha-cha and salsa, Benny More sings them all accompanied by the typical sound of a big band.

The album features 15 songs, all composed by More, and introduces listeners to historic Cuban music. Thus, the album represents a precious collector's item and a wonderful sample for people who'd love to discover the beauty of Caribbean songs from the middle of the last century. The rhythms and airs will carry you off to a long forgotten world and maybe you will, like me, fall in love with More's songs.

by Adolf Goriup
26 May 2007